Workouts, Camps and Clinics


Tri4Life Triathlon Club, is sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario to provide its members with a safe training environment under the direct supervision of NCCP trained coaches. The workouts are conducted in different venues throughout the year, as well as virtually, focusing on general fitness,  technique improvement, and of course, a bit of fun. 

To be able to participate in these sanctioned events at the reduced member price, apply for the Tri4Life Triathlon Club membership for 2022. The $30 annual club fee also entitles members to receive a $10.00 discount off the Triathlon Ontario membership for 2022, when acquiring the membership at the same time you register / renew with the club. Club members are encouraged to select the Personal Accident option, to obtain worldwide coverage of the Liability and Sport Accident Insurance available through Triathlon Ontario. 

Tri4Life Triathlon Club is also available in the following platforms:

Strava Logo

Join your fellow members in the Tri4Life Triathlon virtual club in Strava and find out where you stand in the club leaderboard.

Official Ironman TriClub Logo

Tri4Life Triathlon Club is also registered with the Ironman TriClub Program. To join, simply login to your profile,  click or tap in Club Membership, and look for Tri4Life Triathlon Club.


If you are registered with the Ironman Virtual Club, your team membership also needs to be updated there, selecting the ‘Change Team’ option. 




COVID-19 Update (June 8, 2020):
The regularly scheduled weekly indoor club practices are hosted in public and private facilities that were closed to the public on Mar.13th. Also, provincial social distancing guidelines enacted as part of the declaration of the state of emergency prevented gatherings and group training sessions, with limits set in Ontario Regulation 52/20. As a result, all group practices, clinics and camps scheduled for spring 2020 were cancelled. Club members that had registered for those events were contacted to make financial arrangements.

The state of emergency originally enacted by the Government of Ontario on March 17th, is now extended until June 30th, as COVID-19 positive tests cases continue to be identified in the province. The US-Canada border will continue to be closed to non-essential travel until June 21st -at least.

Municipal, provincial and federal governments are continuously assessing the state of the pandemic and taking measures to protect the community. For more information and recommendations to help contain the spread of the virus, keeping you, your families and your communities safe, refer to the official COVID-19 pages:

The Ontario government has started a phased approach to loosen up some of the restrictions initially set in place. Sports organizations, including Triathlon Canada, along with Triathlon Ontario and other provincial sport organizations, have developed a strategy to managing through return to sport. However, it is important to remember at this time the pandemic has not run its course, specially in Ontario, and the guidelines provided by Health Canada and provincial chief medical officers must continue to be followed.

Although all provinces may not be able to resume the same level of activity and openness at the same pace, Triathlon Canada asks all athletes, coaches, officials, race directors to remain in their home provinces for training, and eventually competition, until it is deemed safe for provinces to open their competitions and training facilities to athletes outside their provincial borders.  

The Return to Sport Task Force has released the National Framework for COVID-19 Return to Sport Strategy. Along with this framework there is also a Club Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool that has been developed and will be available simultaneously for use by sports clubs and facilities. Details available in Triathlon Canada website

Triathlon Ontario recently reminded all its members to follow the training guidelines currently in effect, and governed for the most part by the provincial legislation. 


Workouts – Indoors

The following workouts have been cancelled:

Workouts – Indoors

Outdoor group bike rides are now allowed, as long as they are sanctioned with Triathlon Ontario. The number of participants in a group ride is governed by the gathering limits set provincially, which will increase from 5 to 10 in June 12th.      


A clinic generally lasts 1 to 2 days. A clinic is intended to provide participating athletes with an opportunity to learn and practice race dynamics, as well as tune some specific elements in their training progression.

  • 2019
    • Swim Video Clinic – Complete
    • Running Clinic – Complete
  • 2018
    • Swim Video Clinic – Complete
    • Running Clinic –  Complete


A multi-day approach intended to offer athletes with exposure to practice and instructor led educational sessions intended to sharpen skills and address specific areas of improvement.

  • 2022
    • Details to follow
  •  2021
    • None scheduled
  • 2020
    • Mont Tremblant – Cancelled
    • Muskoka (Huntsville) – Cancelled
    • Cozumel – Complete
  • 2018
    • Mont-Tremblant – Complete
  •  2017
    • Triathlon Preparation – Complete